About Us


Our engineering Group (Mecas Engineering, Royal Tech and Mecas foundry) has an experience of 39 year.  Since day one we are producing OEM parts which not only require quality but also require consistency with process control to deliver best products to its customers.

In 2014, Mecas Foundry installed Henry Wagner Sinto (HWS) molding line along with BMD sand plant imported from Germany to upgrade its molding capacity and casting quality

Since then, our experience and commitment to hard work earned Mecas Foundry approval from Toyota Motor company (TMC) to cast OEM parts for IMC.

Mecas Foundry has also been providing different OEM parts to Mecas Engineering (pvt) Ltd, Royal Tech and Infinity Engineering (pvt) Ltd. which includes,

  • Indus Motor Company (Toyota Pakistan),
  • Millat Tractors,
  • Alghazi Tractors.
  • Export (Germany, Romania, Holland, Turky & UK)

Mecas Foundry do R&D on any part though reverse engineering or from a paper drawing to help its customer to develop any product which is required.

Once R&D is completed Mecas Foundry is responsible for making CAD drawings of the product and printing a 3D model to satisfy the customer how the prototype will look.

Once getting a green light from the customer, prototype of the product is casted in required material (GREY IRON or DUCTILE IRON) and provided to customer. Our team also advises customer if and how quality of the product can be improved through our team of highly technical and experienced staff.

  1. One of the most advanced Molding line.
  2. Electric furnaces to produce any cast iron or ductile iron product.
  3. Testing labs for sand and metal.
  4. Shotblasting and fine surface finished product.

Once product is finalized a contract is signed and a pilot lot is produced which is dispatched to customer so that the product can be tested by the customer in their own environment or in field.

Mecas Foundry makes sure that the customer should get best quality though raw material testing to metal testing, process control and batch traceability. All our castings fulfill European (GG,GGG,EN) and Japanese (FC,FCD,GJS) material standards.

We have a track record of 100% just in time suppliability to our local and global partners. We always work ahead of customers’ requirements by stocking their products at our end to give our customers a peace of mind.