Sand Making

Mecas Foundry’s sand lab

is equipped with all the necessary sand testing equipment. Sand Lab is adjacent to Sand mixer so that every batch of sand is administered and tested before use for mold.

Following is the list of sand testing equipment we have:

Sr. No Equipment Test Frequency
1 Molder hardness Tester Mold Hardness Every Mold
2 Mold Hardness Tester Scale High mold hardness testing (For HWS only) Every Mold
3 Permeability Meter Permeability Daily
4 Compatibility Tester Compatibility Daily
5 Universal Strength Machine Green Compression Strength Daily
6 Drying Oven Moister Content Daily
7 Muffle Furnace Volatile Matter Weekly
8 Muffle Furnace Loss on Ignition Weekly
9 Methylene Blue Test %age of Active of clay Weekly
10 Sand Washer %age of Clay content On new Sand
11 Sand Sieve Sieve Analysis On new Sand
12 Core Hardness Tester Core Hardness Every Core
13 Lab Muller For testing Molding Sand When needed