Mecas Foundry has installed one of the most advanced molding lines, only of its kind in Pakistan. Molding line is equipped with HWS (Heinrich Wagner Sinto GmbH) molding machine.

HWS ( is leading foundry equipment manufacturer in the world. It incorporates the exclusive SEIATSU airblow squeeze technology. The goal with such tight-flask machine is to create very accurate and near net-shape castings.

With the box size of 900x700x190(x190), molding machine can produce up to 40 molds/hour of any two components.


Molding line and Sand making are totally automated systems controlled by Latest Siemens S7 PLC panels (2 Panels one for each). Molding line with a capacity of 40 molds/hour and sand plant with the batch size of 1200 kgs of sand in max 4 minutes. Currently plant is operational for more than 12 hours a day depending on requirements making 400-480 molds per day.